Postseason WNIT Announces Dates
The Women’s National Invitation Tournament is gearing up for postseason play and the committee is excited to announce dates and details for the 2014 Postseason WNIT.

The committee will announce the 64-team field late the evening of Monday, March 17, following the NCAA Tournament field announcement. The Postseason WNIT field will consist of 32 teams that receive automatic berths, and 32 teams that are awarded at-large berths. Teams are chosen based on criteria outlined below.

All games in the single-elimination format are played at the main or alternate facilities of participating schools.

Here are the dates for each round in 2014:
Round 1 March 19-21
Round 2 March 22-25
Round 3 March 26-28
Quarterfinals March 29-30
Semifinals April 2-3
Championship April 5 (3 p.m. ET start)

The WNIT understands that many schools interested in hosting cannot hold their facilities for the entirety of the tournament, but if teams choose to hold one or two dates open in each round, along with the championship date, that helps ensure that those schools can be considered as host sites. Note: A school’s ability and/or desire to host games in the Postseason WNIT has absolutely no bearing on team selection for the tournament.

Selecting Teams
The WNIT committee will choose 64 teams for its 2014 Postseason WNIT. The field will consist of 32 automatic berths – one from each conference – and 32 at-large teams. The intention of the WNIT Selection Committee is to select the 32 best available at-large teams in the nation.

Automatic Berths
A team that is offered an automatic berth by the WNIT shall be the team that is a.) the highest-finishing team in its conference’s regular-season standings, and b.) is not selected for the NCAA Tournament. A team that fulfills these qualities will earn the WNIT automatic berth for its respective conference, regardless of overall record.

At-large Berths
The remaining 32 berths in the Postseason WNIT will be filled by the best teams available. All Division I teams are eligible for consideration. Any team considered for an at-large berth must have an overall record of .500 or better. Overall record includes conference tournament games.

Contacting Teams
The WNIT will contact potential teams over the next few months. Prospective schools will submit paperwork in anticipation of being invited to the tournament.

Selection Night
The Postseason WNIT field will be announced before midnight Eastern Time on Monday, March 17. All information will be disseminated via the website that night, a few hours after the NCAA Tournament bracket is announced.